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Welcome & thanks for visiting Ardour Antique Home.
At Ardour Antique Home we're passionate, enthusiastic and have a great love to elevate the home with
pre-loved antiques and vintage finds. Adding some vintage to your already existing decor ensues uniqueness, adds layers, is timeless and helps harmonize a story of the home.

The rarity, patina and the memory of a historical time with antiques just simply can’t be found with new. Any decor style can easily be achieved and therefore your home doesn’t have to be governed by trends. Your home truly can be an extraordinary stamp of your own.

Meet the curator, collector and decorator…
an old soul at heart, Melissa Leigh.
I always put every ounce of my heart & soul into making the home cozy and have a storied meaningful feel.
Each and every decor piece, accent or jewelry is hand picked intentionally with purpose. I love hunting for everyday accents but truly enjoy incorporating seasonal decor as a way to celebrate the beauty of each season. So please allow me to help inspire you to incorporate some old, find the perfect piece from one of my collections or source something specific for you.

Please remember all items may show signs of aging and are sold “as is.” I do my very best to indicate in the description/listing any notable damage/missing parts. 
Find Your Story in Every Corner
Where every piece has a history
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